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Kleoppel Meats
100 North County Road
Alma, Missouri
Equipment Highlights
Conducted in Conjunction with M & M Equipment Corp.

Real Estate Available: USDA Inspected Facility From Slaughter to Fully Cooked, (3) Buildings with (2) year old roofs on all buildings, 10,000 sq. ft., Located in Downtown Alma, Missouri on approximately one acre, small 3rd building 25' X 30' The plant is located 80 miles west of Kansas City, MO.

Heat Seal Mdl. HS217S L bar Sealer with Shrink Tunnel
(2) Risco Vacuum Stuffers Mdl. RS-1040MA & RS-1040C 01 with Linker
Colosimo Press
(2) Hobart Mdl. 4146 Pan Grinders
Leland Wouthwest Mdl. 100DA70 100 Pound Mixer
Multivac Mdl. AG800 Double Chamber
Extra Vac Mdl. 430 Single Chamber
Zuber Vacuum Tumbler, 300 Lb.
Stein Mdl. S1 Batter Breader
Vortron Mdl. 2500 Smokehouse, 1 truck
Vortron Smoke Generator, saw dust
(2) Smith Smokehouses, 1 truck
(2) Smith Smoke Generators, saw dust
(6) New Heating Elements
E-Z Cooker, 90 gallon
(4) Berkel Mdl. 180GS Bacon Conveyors
Hollymatic Mdl. Super 54 Patty Machine
(3) True Mdl. GDM49F 2 Door Freezers
True Mdl. GDM72 3 Door Cooler
Masterbuilt Walk-in Freezer 12 x 14
Tonka Walk-in Freezer 12 x 30 x 8
Universal Nolin Mdl. 33474 6 Glass Door Cooler 8x18
Bush Mdl. F-3478 Walk-in Freezer 9 x 24 x 8
Recold Mdl. JC20 Water Condensor
Ishita Mdl. IP-EMZ Scale/ Labeler
DIGI Mdl. DPS-3600 Scale/ Labeler
Butcher Boy Mdl. 1640S Band Saw
BOIA SD Mdl. B-34 Band Saw
Biro Mdl. PRO-9 Tenderizer
Berkel Mdl. 705 Tenderizer
Tru Hone Mdl. LC88 Knife Sharpener
Koch Mdl. JWE30-2100 Hog Scalder
Hog Scraping Table
Kentmaster Mdl. BM-5-SB Splitting Saw
Kentmaster Mdl. 9414K Counter Balance
Kentmaster Mdl. C2000 Starter Switch
Sioux Mdl. S191440PG Squeeze Chute
Sioux Mdl. S79840 Head Gate
Sioux Mdl S196450 Squeeze Chute Trailer
Northtec Elk Hydraulic Cradle III Squeeze Chute W/4 Holding Pens
Hantover Mdl. 501L Floor Mount Hand Wash Sink
Koch Mdl. 501 Floor Mount Sink
Knife Sterilizer Box
Saw Sterilizer Box
(2) Zep Universal Foam Cannons
Beef Shackles
Beef Skinning Cradle
Beef Gambrels
Head Wash Cabinet
Viscera Table
Rabbit Slaughtering - Skinning Rack
(4) Jarvis Mdl. 444 Well Saw
(2) Jarvis Mdl. ATP Air Saws
Beef Splitting Say Saw
SilverClip Clipper
(2) Poly Bag Sealer
(186) Beef Trolley Hooks
(8) Beef Trolley Double Hooks
(54) Hog Trolley Hooks
(5) Hog Trolley Double Hooks
(35) Hog Gambrels
(204) Deer Trolley Hooks
(33) Tolley Hook Extensions
(4) Liver Trees
(2) Trolley Carts
Trolley Hook Tumbler
Trolley Hook Oiling Tank
Trolley Rail, Over 200'
(9) Rail Switches
(20) Misc. Tables
Bettcher Whizard Knife
Bettcher 4" Whizard Knife
Bettcher 2" Whizard Knife
Rice Lake Digital Rail Scale
Accu-Weigh Platform Scale
Rail Scale
Live Weight Platform Digital Scale
Hobart Mdl. 45-1050JJC Platform Scale
Hobart Mdl. 1655 Scale
(3) Yamato Mdl. DP-6200 Scales
Berkel Mdl. 522 Scale
AND Mdl. SJ-12KHS Scale
Bizerba Mdl. BC115 Scale
Breading Machine, Mdl. BM100
Hand Wrapping Heat Sealing Machine, Mdl. 628
Dixie Narco Mdl. 501EPop Machine



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